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The entire book was little more than a string of scenes of loosely held together by frayed bits and pieces to a flat-out stupid ending.

Shame on the editor for letting this garbage go to print. Reading it risks permanent brain damage. Worse, I paid for the blasted thing from an online bookseller. This is a HUGE disappointment and total waste of time and money. The most recent entry in the Elemental Assassin series did what too many publishers have done, changed a series from mass market paperback to trade size.

I bought the ebook on sale. Venom in the Veins is a solid entry but a bit shorter than her other books. Interesting twist at the end. Venom in the Veins gets a B- 3. Recommended series. The action is relentless and Joey is well trained, but not trusting. Greg Hurwitz can be uneven in his books, but he nails it here.

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The ending had an amazing and unexpected turn. I bought this online in hardcover.

Smoak and Joey are well-developed characters, Van Sciver less so, but enough to give him depth, the shady secret group remained shady and secret, except Evan knows at the end where it came from. Book 4 will be a must-read.

Book One in the Book Nirvana Series

Wilde Fire , Book 10 in the Immortal Las Vegas series is the final book in the story arc about the Arcane Council, Sara Wilde, and the war to keep the old gods out of this world. Jenn Stark has slowly built a complex world of magic based on the Tarot and centered around Sara Wilde who starts as a relic hunter with a touch of magic and evolves into a powerful magic user and one of the Major Arcana. In book ten, the Veil is finally torn and the battle rages and Sara is the lynchpin.

Her ally is surprising, so is her biggest enemy. The denouement was great and has led to a spin-off series about former demons who are the only ones that can hunt and demons that end up on the Earthside on the veil. Dixie and other characters get involved and the war brings the Connected out of the shadows all over the world. I give Wilde Fire B- 3. My apologies for not posting. On top of all that, they raised prices and reduced quality of everything from the paper itself, to the crappy proofreading and editing.

No wonder authors have turned to self-publishing. Earlier this year, cozy mystery writers had contracts canceled and whole series dropped.

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Action, espionage, military thrillers and many mysteries, from humorous to noir have gone ebook. Five years ago, the first Tuesday of the month meant UPS had sacks on boxes at my door. Now a get maybe 2 books a month, 4 in the high release months. Having moved from quality packaging, Amazon now also save money using padded envelopes, except the books often arrive with creased covers and scuffing thanks to Amazon and the PO abuse.

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A trade paperback with a bent, creased cover? The big downside of ebooks is the fact most authors choose a short novel length. That might be what ebook readers prefer, but it often leaves the characters and plot wanting. Same for Hammett and even Chandler. Not many authors can command a wide audience other than a handful of big names that run more on the reputation for their past works than their often mediocre, formulaic current novels.

Pickings are lean there too. I do have a few for the next print book reviews group. SHORT book.

OK, this series is set in Canada and involves a cross between a spy series, near future virtual reality, and a book keeper who is mistaken for a deep cover spy. It has humor, heart, twists, turns, excitement, and some interesting takes on the James Bondish style send-up mixed with serious stuff.

Each book, while part of an overarching story, is complete unto itself. Give it a try. I enjoyed the series a lot. In fact, it barely made good. With a cast of ever character you can think of — and some extras, an episodic style, and no really solid lead, it limped along in Mediocreville. Completely miss-able. Get from the FOL sale or borrow it. Read the HC version — it was cheaper than the ebook. Retire Gabriel, please. Call of the Wilde is a very short book. Never a good plan. Loose ends all over. The rush had predictable bad consequences.

Not as well done as the earlier books.

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Unpolished and fragmented. The Preacher was a book I wanted to like. It had all the anti-hero elements. It was dull, predictable, occasionally tedious, and just blah. As sere and dusty as eastern New Mexico. I was frustrated at wasting my time on this. My score C- 2. OK, a favorite author — G. Bring the Heat was a sure bet — sort of. I apologize. Binge reading has its pluses and minuses. With cozies or light mysteries, they quickly become predictable. With heavy paranormal, you hit a wall and have to stop and take a breather with something to lighten your mood.

But some flow seamlessly and have just the right balance of humor, action, paranormal events, and unfolding story arc to be great for a binge.

Kiss of Midnight A Midnight Breed Novel The Midnight Breed Series Book 1 by Lara Adrian

A good friend out in CA who has a lot of overlap with my taste in books, especially paranormal, recommended the Immortal Las Vegas series by Jenn Stark. Once I started it was worse than a bag of my favorite potato chips. I am happy to report I have no urge to bite people in the neck or drink blood and do not burst into flame in the sunlight.

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By the way, the only upside to cataracts is you get your near vision back for a couple of years ……. Five people I know have had or are going through cataract surgery. Honestly, emails from friends sound like plots for some TV hospital drama. The award winner was a friend and her husband who had his prostate removed and finished radiation and took a week at the Gulf Coast before starting chemo.

Well, he stepped on a stingray and got a barb in the foot.

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What are the odds? This is TV movie territory. NOTE: All books reviewed below were ebooks either purchased or loaned by a friend. All are available in multiple formats. Now if you are not familiar with the tarot deck it has 4 houses, just like a poker deck has 4 suits, plus what are called Major Arcana — cards that show Death, the Hanged Man, the Magician, etc. Hang in there and get through it and things improve rapidly.

Sara Wilde is an artifact hunter using her tarot deck to guide her to her goals.