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The Mysterious Gift: The Case of the Missing Elf – Annie Reed

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The Mysterious Gift

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Synopsis: Dorothy clicked her heels three times and returned to Kansas. Would I add it to the library?

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June 23, 0. Synopsis: Michael completed the Path. The Lost Code Atlanteans. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. That same summer, an Italian bus boy, Johnny Marino, is returning for his third summer. It takes some time for Johnny to work up the nerve to ask the beautiful new waitress out on a date.

The Gift: A Highland Novella by Margaret Mallory, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Everyone has one summer in their life that stands out above the rest. For Johnny and Shannon, the summer of was one of those summers. Language: English. Narrator: Alice Parsloe. Digital audiobook in aax. Roderick MacDonald is on a secret mission for his chieftain when he finds a lass near death on a barren hillside and is forced to take her with him. When love blooms amidst the harsh winter beauty of the Highlands, will these two obstinate souls from different worlds accept the Yuletide gift? Narrator: Derek Perkins. Robert Grainer is a day laborer in the American West at the start of the 20th century—an ordinary man in extraordinary times.

Buffeted by the loss of his family, Grainer struggles to make sense of this strange new world. As his story unfolds, we witness both his shocking personal defeats and the radical changes that transform America in his lifetime. Suffused with the history and landscapes of the American West—its otherworldly flora and fauna, its rugged loggers and bridge builders—the new novella by the National Book Award-winning author of Tree of Smoke captures the disappearance of a distinctly American way of life.

Narrator: Will Patton. Preferably someone with brains and brawn who can watch her back. Special Forces Sergeant Carlos Espinosa is more than happy to escort the beautiful, brilliant diplomat - who just might be a CIA case officer - to the party. Their night together only gets hotter when he discovers Kaylea burns for him too. Date night in Djibouti turns deadly when foreign agents target the couple.

But who is the intended victim, the covert operator or the Green Beret? As Carlos and Kaylea use their combined skills to escape their captors, they uncover treachery that could ignite relations between the US and Djibouti - already at a flashpoint - and trigger an inferno. Narrator: Greg Tremblay.