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The most important part of selling? Spending more time with better prospects. And how do you make the most of your time when you find these prospects?

Choose wisely.

Abide by a few rules:. During that time, your prospect decides whether or not to listen to you. Most people in your industry felt the same way when I first called. A calm, confident, and relaxed salesperson is a powerful salesperson. Here are a few more ways Tracy recommends making the most of your power of persuasion:. Start by using positive body language. The first words out of your mouth set the tone for the rest of your sales process, and eventually, either a sale or rejection.

There are two ways to deal with sales resistance effectively:. Tracy claims there are six basic profiles:. Understand which type of personality your buyer has, and tailor your approach for a more successful close. As always, listen attentively, pause before replying, question for clarification, paraphrase in your own words, and use open-ended questions.

When you follow these keys, your future is unlimited.

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Sales 9 min read. Topics: Best Sales and Business Books. Their moms' friends would call asking the Pharmapacks guys to pick stuff up for them. There's a website! In the platform business, they learned, price is everything. Set a price too high, and Amazon buries it. Setting it too low is worse, earning the buy box and leading to thousands of orders flooding in--and a loss of money on every sale. The conundrum fascinated Tramunti.

Establish a Business Entity

He'd struggled with dyslexia in school, and like many with it, he'd developed an ability to memorize huge chunks of facts and figures to compensate--as he puts it, "we find workarounds. He toyed with different pricing strategies, figuring out formulas for how much they could charge for certain products and still get the sale. They started getting the buy box--and making money--more often. Vagenas, a problem solver at heart, loved turning Tramunti's tricks into rules.

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He and the team had a developer code the tactics into algorithms, and baked them right into their proprietary software. Now the listings had optimal prices. Sales took off. They called the software the Master Brain. The Pharmapacks guys love the Master Brain. They protect it the way a star pit master guards the recipe for his barbecue's rub.

Or the way Pablo Escobar guarded the source of his ultrapure cocaine. Speaking of which: "You ever seen the movie Blow?


How to get a sales job without any experience

He showed me the YouTube clip of the scene in which Johnny Depp, who plays the kingpin drug smuggler in the film, has his product tested by a black-market chemist--who goes gaga over its off-the-charts purity. And as it did with Depp's character in Blow , life got pretty crazy once the Master Brain's pricing kicked in.

Orders poured in. Sales increased sixfold in a year.

Neighbors began complaining about the never-ending stream of UPS and postal trucks. They were also unhappy about the warehouse packers who, in the absence of a decent-size company cafeteria or nearby restaurants, plopped down on their lawns each day to eat lunch. Other marketplace sellers have algorithms. There are now companies that design pricing software for platform vendors: ChannelAdvisor , WisePricer. But that's all chump stuff when you have a Master Brain. Life as a Marketplace seller isn't all algorithms and cash.

Vendors also need high customer-service ratings to get the buy box. Keeping them that way is a grind, especially when you sell almost 25, different products and ship , orders a month. People get emotional about personal-care products. Including Vagenas's mother, who called last summer to complain about her Coppertone suntan lotion. In July, it came with 10 percent extra.

10 of the Most Popular Direct Sales Jewelry Companies

In August, it didn't. It was a promo! As Pharmapacks' sales mushroomed, so did the complaints. Part of this was growing pains--it took a while to figure out how to fill so many orders fast without screwing up. But complainers are a naturally occurring species in e-commerce, and Pharmapacks now employs 16 customer-service reps, who field almost concerns over the phone and by email every day.

They write back to all customer inquiries within 24 hours--one of the key metrics Amazon tracks in its customer-service ratings. Two employees use a software program called Trustpilot to scroll through every 1-, 2-, and 3-star review the company receives and give each of them special attention. If a customer remains unsatisfied and won't change the low mark, the reps appeal to Amazon's Seller Support group --the judge, jury, and executioner in all customer-seller disputes--with detailed objections. Thanks to such micro-advocacy, Pharmapacks had more than 3, low ratings removed in alone.

To put that into perspective, Pharmapacks products have been rated more than , times--and its Amazon rating is 4. But Vagenas's desk is constantly cluttered with products that have caused problems.


Each day, the Seller Support group takes down one or more Pharmapacks listings without warning because of customer complaints. One day it was a bottle of Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Serum that was listed for fine hair but turned out to be for coarse hair. The manufacturer changed the UPC code, Vagenas said. Another day it was Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy lozenges. In each case, customer-service reps send Amazon copies of supplier invoices, product photos, and other documentation to get the item relisted, and Vagenas tries to identify the root of the problem and develop a protocol his staff can use to rapidly identify and solve similar problems in the future, so more products won't end up on his desk.

But every time I visited, some new toiletry had taken the place of the others on his desk. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown of 4. No, not like that. Pharmapacks buys from the same established, law-abiding distributors that sell to national chains like Walmart, Costco, and CVS. But ask these distributors where they get the products, and some will give an answer as gruff and dismissive as the vehicular estrangement explanation above.

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