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Tell me about him and his influence on horror. He invented as he went along an entire mythology, whose purpose was partly to get beyond what he saw as the excessively conventionalised paraphernalia of Victorian occult fiction, and invent something completely new while still drawing on the traditions.

They are worshipped by the odd cult, but the aliens themselves have very little interest in humanity. Their purpose in Lovecraft is to represent cosmic indifference and that perspective on the universe. Which is of course unfilmable—although lots have tried! It has moments of physical horror in the middle, but it is mostly built on awe and terror. Back to the Gothic novel, really.

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There are folk who would quite reasonably argue it goes back as far as Beowulf , maybe even further. But in terms of the development of the modern horror story, I would say it begins with Edgar Allan Poe. He is the first horror writer we can recognise as contemporary, in terms of his psychological preoccupations.

Poe was refining and intensifying the effects of the Gothic novel, but focusing much more on the psychological element. Is Halloween a good time to read horror, or are you fed up to the teeth with it? Halloween is a fun time to read these stories.

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Terror Eternal: The enduring popularity of H.P. Lovecraft

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At the Mountains of Madness is one of the best of the latter. This story of a doomed arctic expedition features almost everything you want from Lovecraft — lost cities, incomprehensibly weird aliens, oozing, gelatinous monsters, madness and horror — and very little of what you probably want to avoid: virulent racism and occasionally unbearable purple prose, namely.

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Thomas Ligotti may not be a household name, but it should be. Lee is not as known for mythos fiction as C. Henderson or Brian Lumley, but I would say Lee has created as strong an entry to the mythos cannon. Lee builds the mystery and suspense perfectly, and to me this is his best work to date. Mythos writing is as tired and overdone as gothic vampire romance, but Lee knocked this mythos novel out of the park.

Lovecraft fans will enjoy this work, and it should be in your collection.

Supernatural Horror in Literature/The Weird Tradition in the British Isles

Some of the most bizarre films the world has ever seen came from the small island of Japan. Some of the nastiest and most ear-damaging punk rock have come from the same island. Attention has been paid to Koji Suzuki, the horror fiction author of the Ring series which is Japan-horror's most famous export. Several of Suzuki's novels have made it into English, but I was very interested in going further with Japanese horror fiction.

Why not try a Japanese take on one of the 20 th century American horror mythos of H. That is what this novel, written by Japanese horror author Asamatu Ken, is. Lovecraft reinvented the horror fiction genre in the the early half of the 20 th century by excusing himself from the traditional tropes of vampires and werewolves.

He created his own mythology of cosmic monsters whose very existence was hard for the human mind to handle. I often think of the mythos being placed in Lovecraft's native New England, but authors around the globe have been playing on Lovecraft's unhallowed ground since he was alive. Lovecraft encouraged other writers to create using his mythos. I am not sure how Lovecraft, who at times had some nice things to say about the Japanese but mostly racist things would have felt about this translation. Nonetheless, Ken has created an excellent mythos story that, as a fan of Asian cinema, feels of its culture.

The story centers around biologist Anri Morisita, hired by a corporation to study the remains of a mummy unearthed in China. As the research continues, the corporation and its motives are revealed, along with its knowledge of the mummy's ancient origin. This sets up an amazingly timed and delivered chapter break at the end of the fifth chapter.

The inside of the building, with various elevators connecting only certain floors with each other, seems perfect for a Resident Evil-style game. Anri is a well-developed character who has flashbacks to the cruel treatment of the Chinese at the hands of the Japanese prior to World War II. It suggests a deeper plot, but one of the few weaknesses of the narrative is that the flashbacks happen so fast. With no narrative transition, I often got confused and had to scan back. Once it's established in the novel that is less of a concern. Kurodahan Press has translated and provided a book that no major publisher in New York would bother with, but it is an important and fun book none the less.

Lovecraft devotees should not miss this book. Libraries in Japanese districts and ones interested in having a complete and diverse genre collection should get this book for sure.

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This is an excellent work of horror fiction and it tells me that I should be investing in the collections of Japanese mythos fiction released by the same press and edited by the author. Cthulhu Unbound , the first of two volumes, attempts to unshackle the mythos from preconceived boundaries of the genre, but the anthology that is uneven at best. The anthology is worth the price of admission for those three stories alone. For public or private collections. Contains: violence, adult language, and adult situations.

Review by Bob Freeman. Horrors Beyond 2: Stories of Strange Creations ed. Elder Signs Press, The theme of the book is to examine the Cthulhu mythos through the lens of invention, and it succeeds on many levels.

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William Jones has compiled 21 short stories by an outstanding collection of authors. Every story in this collection was compelling, and some were downright horrific. Horrors Beyond 2 is a fantastic read, thrilling from cover to cover, another outstanding work from a terrific publisher. Readers advisory note: Fans of the Cthulhu Mythos and H. Lovecraft, will enjoy this title, though more the former than the latter.

Contains: Adult language, Adult situations, Minor violence. Note: The review is part of the "Spring into Terror" project, check out other reviews of horror titles available for reading for this Spring at our Spring into Terror project page. Deeper by James A Moore. Necessary Evil Press, Available: Pre-order, January release. James A. Moore has given us a combination of Cthulhu mythos and ghost story in Deeper.