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I just want a glass of MILK! I could do all of things when I was at 31 points. I just want to give up. Jeanette Lemcool on January 3, Not liking it, too much like Atkins. I am eating more fruit, than with the old system, and I like the eggs, but not the beans. Honestly I just feel like I'm starving all the time. Allyson Clark on January 4, This plan would be awesome for someone who love love loves fruits, vegtables, and chicken! I do not like many veggies and only can do so much chicken and eggs until I am over them. I am starving all day! I do love fruit, but that is a lot of carbs, and some of these fruits calories add up quick.

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I am double tracking right now to monitor my calories on myfitness pal app and on the ww phone app. I just need to make sure I stay in a healthy range until I get the hang of this it I ever do! I am not sure how long I can stick to this plan. Gonna give it my best, but not a fan as of now! I think counting calories and following my macros might be easier.

Tiffany on January 4, So disappointed in Weight Watchers. I hate the new program. The low carb never works for me. I tried and felt starving to lose a pound. I lost 45 before this. I just quit and went to a calorie based program. Feel better and seeing weight lose. There are other options out there. Donna on January 4, I lost 45 lbs on Points Plus but quit when the program switched to Smart Points.

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It was just too restrictive. I kept the weight off for years until 6 months ago, I was prescribed the pill for two months and gained every pound back. My original weight was lost eating a LOT of eggs so the fact that they are now free is nuts to me. I was eating eggs per day for a total of 10 months and I can say that I had my cholesterol checked after ward and it was unchanged. I started Free Style 3 days ago and have lost 8 lbs. So happy WW made this change right when I desperately need a kick in the butt to get motivated. Christine on January 4, I absolutely hate the new system.

I usually ate about 4 points per day of chicken OR eggs So that averages to 6 points a day I lost because of this stupid change. I lost 50 lbs on the old program I think I'm going to dump the program and see if I can find something else that works. If I were going for a low carb diet, I would do Atkins.

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So sad and disappointed. Amy on January 4, I like it a lot but it's pretty much what I was doing before! I find it hard to imagine how you could do WW successfully without eating turkey, chicken, fish even salmon , beans, fruit and veggies - which now all free. Suzanne on January 4, Before, I would be in the mentality that I would use points to get a burger over salmon because both took points - but now?

HOW I LOST 15 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK - Lose weight fast Diet Journey

I would much rather choose the leaner item! Ellen on January 4, Zero point foods are great. I use my Fitbit to walk and get extra points. Although I always have the 4 rollover points. Cissy on January 4, I have now had 3 WW programs in about 2 years.

Smart Points was working fine. Have been at goal for many months and don't always count points. I simply know how to eat well and healthy. So I am leaving WW.

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See no need to relearn something new when the old was healthy and workable for most people I spoke with. Mary on January 4, There's no way to fit in a glass of wine or a teeny serving of ice cream unless you are eating a bowl of grapes for breakfast, a head of lettuce for lunch, and a can of beans for dinner with a heaping serving of grilled chicken of course.

Seriously, caviar is on the list. A better understanding of the SmartPoints program upgrade to Freestyle will set you all free! The steak, wine and candy bar are so much easier to factor in than before. Look at the whole plan not just part.. Pearl on January 4, I disagree a bit with several of the comments. First of all, to the poster who suggested we could just continue on with SmartPoints - that's incorrect. Secondly, Weight Watchers was, for me, about finding a balance I could live with. I can't live on no bread, no cake, no cookies, no chips, no butter, no pizza, etc.

I can go months without, but at some point, I will fall off the wagon and gain all of that weight back. With WW SmartPoints, I was able to control my portions, eat fruits and veggies on days we would go out to dinner, have cake at birthdays, go to grad parties and eat cheese and sausage, etc. I was eating 38 points a day, and was losing lbs per week, total loss of 50 lbs. NOW, with my 10 points gone, I've got 28 points per day. And my goodness I'm just so frustrated that I found something that worked, that taught me portion control, that taught me to like fruits and veggies, and now it's gone.

I feel like the old WW was for heavier people trying to lose weight and get healthier. I feel like the new WW is for skinny people to get skinnier.

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But living life, to me, is not eating the same thing every day like a military diet. It's about enjoying everything out there. I am struggling with freestyle. Now I am hungry and hangry all the time. Freestyle is not necessarily low carb, but is extremely low fat. Unless you enjoy fish, skinless poultry, tofu and beans and can digest nonfat yogurt, you will starve.

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I think it is misleading of WW to say that no food went up in points because in truth, every non-zero-point food is now much more expensive due to losing so many daily points. If you like the new zero-point foods, know how to cook, and have time to cook and plan all your meals, you will do ok. If you are missing any of these qualities, Freestyle will tax you to the breaking point. One other issue I have with WW is the way they calculate fats. If you look at their formula, you will see that they tax saturated fats much higher in points than other fats.

That they do not tax trans-fats any higher than unsaturated fats shows that they are years behind the medical research on dietary fats. Sarah on January 4, Not hungry, not craving sweets, junk food etc. I never lost this much on points plus and my starting weight now was less than with points plus and I love not having any cravings!!! Laurie on January 4, I am not a fan of Freestyle because I feel it is too extreme. I work hard to balance life including the food I consume. I believe every food is okay as long as we consider portions and how the food is used in our bodies.

Proteins and carbs work together efficiently—research proves this. I dislike the FREE foods mindset as it seems misleading. Focusing on how much FREE food one can consume strikes me as dangerous especially with a population that generally struggles to view food through a realistic lens. I am a Lifetime Member. Linda on January 4, LOVE the new plan.

watch Lost 7 big ones so far! No deprivation or cravings. Big love! Sparkina on January 4, Robin on January 4, I just started this week. I am loving this version of WW. I joined again because all the zero points Foods are things I eat regularly anyway and many of my own recipes have been very easily adapted. So much of my eating this week has been using zero points foods that I have lots of points left at dinner time. I am so full and satisfied eating big salads with eggs or chicken, bean soups and chiles, grilled fish and chicken, steamed veggies, etc.

I have not been hungry and find that I have less cravings and feel better eating this way. Also finding the tracking much easier than any other WW version. Is it too good to be true? Margo Smith on January 4, I never really ate any of the new zero point foods anyway and now I have lost many of my go-to meal options because I have gone from 35 points a day to 26 overnight. And come on Weight Watchers, am I really supposed to be excited that tofu is now a zero point food?